Solid road and bridge marking

Marking in factories, warehouses and halls

Marking airports and other public places


About us

Stella Polska specializes in professional road marking systems. Our main objective is to ensure the required safety on roads, production areas and other buildings, which are often public places or workplaces for lots of people. Thus, to provide the top-in class marking, we employ experienced specialists and use high-quality equipment to perform all projects with due diligence and precision.


products and services

  1. Horizontal marking
  2. Thin-layer marking
  3. Thick-layer marking
  4. Thermoplastic marking
  5. Reflective marking
  1. Marking public places
  2. Marking in factories, warehouses, halls, parking lots, and garages
  1. Marking airports
  2. Horizontal airport runway markings
  1. Removing road horizontal marking
  2. Using mechanical method and water under very high pressure
  1. Vertical road marking
  2. Mounting road signs
  1. Road traffic safety equipment and safety barriers
  2. Delivery and mounting safety barriers and crash cushions


To provide the highest quality and best performance of our works, we use only best-in class machines. We possess wide range of equipment, depending on the requirements and project, including amongst others, self-propelled line stripers, airless line stripers, 2-component stripers. Consequently, no matter the scale of the project, we are able to guarantee the best efficiency and quality of our works.


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